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Mandatory communication

The Ministerial Decree dated 10 August 2016 sets forth the operative standards and the transmission means of the mandatory prior communication. The documents attached to the Decree are available under the section Documents.

The online form UNI_DISTACCO_UE must be forwarded by the posting company within 24 hours of the day before the start of the posting period and each and any subsequent change will have to be transmitted within 5 days before the changing event takes place. The cancellation can be done within 24 hours before the beginning of the first posting period. The information transmitted to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies are also made available to INL, INPS, INAIL.

The INL circular no. 3/2016 clarifies that the communication obligations for foreign service suppliers started on December 2016. With respect to the sector of cabotage, please refer to a specific online procedure in force since March 2017.

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