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Prior communication and long-term posting: the system will be online starting from November 2, 2021

Ministerial Decree no170 of August the 6th 2021 entry into force

Following the disclosure of the Decree no 170 0f August the 6th 2021 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in the Legal Publicity Section, with the related attachments, the standards and the rules to be mandatory used by the Ministry's service providers for the telematics transmissions and the communications concerning the long-term posted workers in Italy.
It's important to remind that the new Decree forecasts must be applied prior to the posting communication and to each eventual subsequent changes, as well as to the communication of the motivated request regarding the long- lasting postings
Therefore, starting from November 2nd 2021, at 12:00 hour, on the web-site a new version of the "Transnational Detachment" telematic procedure updated with the new rules set out by the Decree. This communication will provide instructions on how to accomplish the appropriate updating technical activities; the procedure will not be available in the time period that goes from 9:00 am to 12:00 am of November the 2nd 2021.