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#EU4FairConstruction: the European campaign on the rights of posted workers in the construction sect

The Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy joins the campaign launched today by the European Labour Authority


The Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies joins the #EU4FairConstruction campaign launched today by the European Labour Authority (ELA).

In line with its aims and objectives, the ELA is promoting this information campaign, coordinated in the various European member countries, to inform and raise awareness on the issue of the posting of workers in the construction sector, which is currently the occupational area employing the largest number of posted workers in Europe: about 13 million people and 3 million enterprises (ELA data).

The aim of the #EU4FairConstruction campaign is to ensure that information on applicable legislation in the construction sector effectively reaches posted workers and employers. The numerous social activities foreseen are coordinated by the ELA, which invites member states to focus their communication on the topic, providing the message and tools necessary to realise a transversal and recognisable initiative (information sessions are also planned). Furthermore, the ELA actively supports the organisation and coordination of concerted and joint inspections of law enforcement authorities in the Member States, with the aim of strengthening cross-border enforcement.

The involvement of the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies goes through the re-launch and promotion of the ELA message on its information channels and through coordination with administrations and organizations involved in enforcement.

To find out more visit the dedicated ELA webpage.