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COVID-19: European Commission new guidelines


A gradual and coordinated approach to re-establish the free circulation of citizens and workers

The European Commission has published the new guidelines for the Member States, pointing the procedures to gradually overcome the means adopted to limit the COVID-19 epidemic emergency.

The new documents provide the instructions to take gradual and coordinated measures ahead of the return to the freedom to move, the dismissal of the national border controls, the gradual revert to normal activities and services in the transport and tourism sectors, as well as accomodation facilities 'health protocols.

Hereafter please find the European Commission ducuments:

EU Commission Communication - Restoring freedom of movement and lifting internal border controls

COVID-19: EU Guidance for the progressive resumption of tourism services and for health protocols in hospitality establishments

COVID-19: Guidelines on the progressive restoration of transport services and connectivity

EU Commission Communication - Tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond