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IMI System

In a view to the strengthening of the instruments of administrative cooperation and mutual support among the Member States, as required by the Directive 2014/67/UE, the “Internal Market Information” (IMI) system is a software app that can be freely used by the Authrities of control aimed to facilitate the Exchange of information among the EU Countries, concerning the workers trans-national posting.

In fact, the IMI gives the competent control authorities of a Member State, that must be registered and qualified, to operate with the system, (The National Labour Inspectorate and the local offices in Italy), to identify the corresponfing authorities in the other UE States and to easily and quickly stay in touch with them by the means of various pre-translated standard questions and answers, and through an eventual authomatic translation of any text, in all the official langauages of the EU. These questions will enable to have all the information concerning either the Companies posting workers within the EU Countries and on the posted workers; these information are necessary to define the inspections on the matter of trans-national posting, to give an answer to the competent authorities, under request.

Furthermore, the Directive 2014/67/UE, determines the implementation of the IMI system by the activation of two new functions concerning either the notification of an administrative or judicial measure, or the request of due administrative penalties to the authorities of the Member State. These functions will be working exclusively to items regarding the trans-national posting rules.



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