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Monitoring Center

The Monitoring Center, provided for by the  Law Decree number.136/2016  and constituted with the  Ministerial Decree number.52/2019, gather all the information regarding the trans-national posting in our Country, as, for exanmple, the number of workers involved, the duratio, the sectors of activity, and the most involved areas.  The Monitoring Center composition has been modified by the Ministerial Decree. 27 on February 2020, that nominates the components representing the Trade Unions CISL, Confcommercio and INPS.

The Monitoring Center board is composed as follows

  • Three representatives nominated by the most important National Trade Unions for workers
  • Three representatives nominated by the most important Naational Trade Unions for employers   
  • Two representatives of the Ministry for Labour and Social Secutity, one on which in the role of Chairman  
  • One representative of the National Agency for the  active employment policies (ANPAL)
  • One representative of INPS
  • One representative of INAPP
  • One representative named by the Prime Minister Office

 To get Report "Observatory on the Posting of Workers: First Data", click here.



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