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Mandatory communication

The Ministerial Orde of August the 10th 2016  gives the lines of the operative standards and of the means of transmission of the mandatory communication The documents added to the Order are available in the section Documents.

The telematic pattern UNI_DISTACCO_UE  must be forwarded by the service supplier within 24 hours of the day previous to the start of the  posting period and each and any subsequent change will have to be transmitted within 5 days before the changing event happens. The cancellation can be done within 24 hours before the starting of the first posting period.. The information transmtted to the Mintry of Labour and Social Policies are available at INL, INPS, INAIL.

The circular INL number 3/2016  makes clear that the obligation for foreign service suppliers started on December 2016 . Also the posting starting after July 22nd and that were already active at that date, will have to be communicated telematically within January 26th 2017. For what concerns the sector of cabotage, you have to refer to a special telematic procedure that is in force sice March the first 2017.

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