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Brexit: towards the end of the transition period

A statement released by Inps (the national Institute of Social Security), provides clarifications on the granting of Social Security Certifications subject

The Statement number 4805 released by Inps on December 22nd 2020, provides clarifications on the granting of the A1 Certification - a document that certifies that the posted worker pension insurance will be valid in the EU Country where the posting Firm is located, or in the Country of habitual carrying out of the activities as a self-employed worker-in UK- for the whole period of work ending after the period of transition (December 31, 2020).

In this regard, it is recalled that - as a result of the exit of United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit) and of the consequent enactment of the related Exit Agreement, set in Circular n.16 of February the 4th 2020, the Institute operationalised the directions concerning the retirement provisions, the income support provisions, governing law, recovery of contributions and undue services, till the end of the period of transition.

With specific reference to the issuing of the cerifications A1 regarding period of work ending after December 31, 2020, the provision makes it clear that the European Citizens, either employees or self-employed, working in the United Kingdom at the end of the period of transition, and subject to the Laws governing a Member State, if they are seamlessly in the above mentioned condition, they will keep it without any change (as by Articlr 30, paragraph 1 , letter e), point i) and Paragraph 2, Title III of the Exit Agreement).
Furthermore, it is specified that the Citizens of Third Countries too, if subject to the EEC Rules number 1408/1971 and number 574/1972, will be granted the certifications 101 having their final end after the date of December 31, 3030 (article 30, paragraph 1, letter g) of the Title III of the Exit Agreement) provided that - in the case of
posted workers - the maximum period of time will be of 12 months over the duration of the certified period.

For further details please see the Statement.