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The procedure for advance declaration of posting is now online


Employers posting workers to Italy can now make the advance declaration online, following the procedure as indicated in the INL circular No 3/2016

The advance declaration of posting was instituted by Legislative decree No 136/2016 and the procedure for the transmission of such information is defined in Ministerial decree of 10 August 2016. The INL circular No 3/2016 further clarifies the procedure, also for passenger and freight cabotage operations.

The procedure can be accessed via the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies.  You will require  'company' login credentials for the Cliclavoro website.

To fill in the UNI_DISTACCO_UE  e-form you will be required to provide information on the sending company, the location and the duration of the posting, the receiving company and its industrial sector, the posted workers and the liaison officers, as provided for in Article 10 of Legislative decree No 136/2016.   

As from 26 December 2016 the e-forms must be sent by midnight of the day preceding the start of the posting period. Any variations, including cancellation, must be notified within 5 days of the change being made.

By 26 January 2017 all postings that began after 22 July 2016 and that are still active on 26 January 2017 must be notified electronically.  



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